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Cross over to the dark side...

We loved transforming this 'den' into a classy, mature space.

Ever since dark rooms became the new interior obsession (way back at the end of 2017, beginning of 2018), we've definitely had more and more clients in the area coming to us asking for dark walls (and sometimes ceilings) and I must say it does add a certain richness to the room. This trend shows no sign of easing off just yet!

Last week I made a trip to IKEA and they even have a show lounge set up in dark luxurious colours, with a Victoriana feel to it. They'd painted the ceiling in a different dark colour, and used warm and heavy fabrics on the curtains and upholstery. Dark pinks helped to lift the room, whilst adding to the richness with berry colours.

I would say this works better in properties with high ceilings, and you must be aware that when picking a dark colour from a colour chart - they can appear almost black in smaller rooms.

That said it can be really effective, especially when mixed with luxurious materials, gold or brass accessories, and art work that really pops.

Farrow and Ball (obviously) do a great range of dark colours (my personal favorite being Black Blue) that have a real depth of character, but you'll find that all paint companies are following suit and have their own selections. Just be aware that in darker colours, you do kind of get what you pay for and whilst Farrow and Ball is wince-inducing-ly expensive, there's something about the way it absorbs and reflects light which has a really curious colour changing effect. In certain lights you may pick up more of a green and in others maybe a purple/blue. I think it's a real treat to splash out on - although maybe not something to be painting the entire house with!

I also love Farrow and Ball's 'Studio Green' in a living room, paired with tan brown leather sofas, and faux fur cushions. A sheep skin rug works well and helps to build texture in the room. A gold framed mirror over a fireplace would work well against the green. Mirrors would add light to the room to prevent it feeling to oppressive.

Whether an inky blue, a velvet-y green or a deep smokey grey, it really can turn your room from meh to wow, whilst adding an expensive and upmarket feel. Everything looks expensive against a deep background.

Want to embrace the dark side, without going the whole hog? How about an accent wall? You might love it so much that you eventually paint the rest too.

You might want to update your accessories too, to ease yourself in. have great selection of velvet chairs and sofas, along with equally beautiful pouffes. This is an interior that works well with an eclectic selection of accessories and furnishings, so don't feel that you have to go 'matchy-matchy'. See an old brass telescope in a charity shop? Great! An old trunk can become a coffee table. Love your current pine furniture? Stain it and paint it! This style of interior decoration goes fantastically with Victorian style and mid-century-modern pieces, especially when painted.

More is more - Go bold or go home!

So while we are all basking in our moody, mature, bold room, it looks like we will remain in the dark for some time.

Looking to take the plunge but not sure where to start? Drop us an email at to discuss ideas and we can take it from there.


Some inspiration below;

Please note this is not our work.


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